Sunday, 7 February 2010

Air Travel Insecurity

Flying with hand luggage has become an arms race.
Having sailed through Heathrow, I came a cropper in transit at Paris Charles de Gaulle, where they’re much tougher.
I thought I’d got my liquids contained -- shower gel, shampoo, hand gel, toothpaste, moisturiser, sunscreen, aftersun -- but all had to be repackaged in a tiny one-litre bag. The deodorant had to be ditched.
Still not happy, my belongings were rifled in search of some fruit salad -- not actually a prohibited item.
Returning via Amsterdam, security is still sloppy, and they weren’t bothered about the liquids -- just as well because my incoming flight was late and I was the last one on to the connecting flight.
A good surgeon these days can implant plastic explosives inside the belly of a suicide bomber, along with the two-pack liquid detonator. The only method of detection would be to set if off by punching the guy in the stomach -- a bit like how I felt.

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