Friday, 19 February 2010

Dis-Proportional Representation

During my visit to the dental hygienist yesterday, the last thing on my mind was the appointment of Conservative Party candidates in next year’s Spelthorne Council elections.
But it would seem that was exactly what Silvio Berlusconi was thinking about whilst having his teeth fixed last month, after being attacked in Milan before Christmas. He has just nominated his oral hygienist Nicole Minetti (pictured) to stand for the regional elections in Lombardy next month. And a great looking choice if I may say.
You see under proportional representation -- much vaunted by Britain’s minor third party -- the leadership gets to choose the candidates for Parliament by means of the Party List.
Doesn’t sound very proportional to me.

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  1. Sorry Wayne, as a local party chairman I can assure you the leadership does not choose Conservative Party parliamentary candidates. I can't speak so authoritatively for the other British political parties.
    Under PR, you vote for your party, but the party leaders decide the makeup of the coalition government afterwards.