Monday, 30 November 2009

Conservative Camaraderie

All applications are now in to be Spelthorne’s next Conservative parliamentary candidate.
Time to reflect on the research stage. Just as the public’s respect for politicians is at an all time low, I can vouch for the fact that there has never been a group of more worthy people applying to be Conservative MPs, and it’s really sad that so many will be disappointed.
I’ve met quite a few politicians in my time, and there are some charlatans and ambitious back-stabbers out there. Unfortunately a few of them are able to blag their way through both the Parliamentary Assessment Board and the traditional hustings selection meeting.
But we can take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of aspiring Conservative politicians are a conscientious and dedicated bunch -- they really do care.
I was particularly struck by the sheer camaraderie amongst the seasoned campaigners, never hesitating to help each other even at their own expense.
British altruism at its best.

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