Friday, 20 November 2009

How to become a Tory MP

Well, you’ve got to condense why you want the job into 400 words -- a bit like this blog -- and there’s just a week to go.
Please don’t waste time with a standard CV. Something's got to sparkle. What you’ve done is less important than what you’re going go to -- for the people you’ll represent. So what makes them tick?
People need to know you really want the job, but we hate overt ambition, and oiliness even more.
Find a way to get through to the key-players without hassling them, remembering they might want the job too.
My 100 words are up!

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  1. When I applied for a job I had to write a CV before I even got my interview. I would think the CV would have to "sparkle" in itself. (I do not mean by putting glitter upon the CV) I then also felt the need to make them remember my interview and to make it stand out from the rest and as such I now have a job. I would also like to point out that your blog message had one hundred and two words or one hundred and one words and a number. Mine has one hundred words exactly.