Monday, 7 December 2009

Copenhagen Summit

I’m no climate change denier, but I do ask, if global temperatures rise by say ten degrees Fahrenheit: So what?
Humans have adapted to much larger variations in climate over the millennia. It was a lot warmer in England in the middle ages than it is today; evidence the medieval vineyards in York.
We survived the ice age, when coincidentally you could walk from what is now Dover to Calais without getting your feet wet – in other words sea levels were a lot lower.
Cities such as Helsinki thrive with mean temperatures of 40ºF, whilst Singapore manages perfectly well with an annual average of 85ºF.
Here in England thousands more our elderly die of hypothermia in the winter than of heatstroke in the summer.
Before we burden the world’s economy with the crippling costs of decarbonisation, are there not cheaper ways of adapting?


  1. Climate change may or may not exist, but what is a fact is that people are wasting irreplaceable rescources at an alarming rate, buying things they don't really need, and throwing away too much that can be reused. So there does need to be a change in attitudes, behaviours and lifestyle.

  2. Agreed Carol, except there's no dispute that climate change does exist - it's in the geological records - we're just not sure what's the main cause.
    How about BOGOF - Buy One now, get a voucher for the second One Free a week later.