Friday, 4 December 2009

Tory Toff Campaign Stinks

You’d have thought Labour would have learnt their lesson from the Tory-Toffs campaign, which led to their drubbing in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election last year.
But they’re at it again, accusing the Conservatives’ front bench of being full of old Etonians, when in fact two-fifths of the Labour cabinet went to fee-paying schools.
Diane Abbott says it’s OK to send her son to a fee-paying school, but not for David Cameron to choose from the best educated in the land to form an alternative government.
The number of children who attend fee-paying schools has increased to one in 14, as families sacrifice their standard of living in search of a better quality of education than Labour can offer.

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  1. so there accusing the conservatives and now your posting a blog about how pathetic it is??? your worse than they are it is a bit sad trying to say bad things about another group on "blogger"