Thursday, 10 December 2009

Spelthorne Six Ready for Primary

What a busy day (yesterday), finalizing the short-list to compete in Spelthorne parliamentary constituency’s very first open primary election.
In the afternoon we had to notify the hundreds of disappointed applicants, and thank them for all the effort they put in.
I then spent all evening coordinating the initial presentations from each of the six candidates – who’d want to be a journalist.
We’re ready to go, and Spelthorne Conservatives have an absolutely fantastic set of candidates to choose from. Furthermore we are happy to invite those of all political persuasions to take part in the process. Democracy at work. Visit Spelthorne Conservatives.


  1. write thaat in a memo, why anounce you had to turn people away? doesnt help your cause for gainnig support

  2. The large number of applicants demonstrates the terrific enthusiasm to represent the Conservative cause.
    Each on the short-list must be given half a hour before an audience of up to a thousand local people. It would be impractical to keep them there for more than three hours!